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Writing and ... printing.

I started writing everyday. I don't really have a choice : the informative pages need to be done by July. Well, anyway, it's fun to be writing again. And, although it is not part of the story of Avalanche, it is very challenging to write about it. So, I was supposed to present some of the stuff I wrote this week, but hey, this will have to wait. Why ?

Because I'd like to discuss the printing of the ashcan I made. I wasn't supposed to print that file, and yet, I did it, as it looked so nice !!! Having it in one's hand is quite different from a pdf. The "book" is not perfect, but, in my opinion it just looks amazing. Looking at it this weekend, we though that maybe, just maybe, we could make some adjustments and try to sell it on the local scene. And by the way, I'd like to address something : this copy costs me around 80 bucks. If I make three copies, each copies would be at 60. For twenty five copies, it goes down to 40. How about fifty copies ?

So, what's my point ? Thru a POD, which we would like to use, each copy cost around a hundred bucks. The book is not cheap for sure. But doing batches is far cheaper. Well, of course, we would need to "handle" each order, which is clearly time consuming and not fun, but we should give this some thoughts ...

Also, on the local scene, we would like to present this as a "collectable" item ; maybe signing and numerating each copy. Anyway, wish me good luck and I'll talk to you about it in the upcoming weeks.

Otherwise, if you have some spare time, I might recommend watching this great TED talk. Very inspiring and comforting for us. Can you tell our why ?

Lastly, we've got the system, well, at least the pattern. I should post it soon enough on the Forge for discussion. There is still a lot of work to do, especially naming everything (skills, secrets), but the toughest part is done.



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