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Incorporation ?

A couple of things :
- You might know we had to find a new name and we will have to deposit a trademark on it and incorporate ourselves into a company. Well, that's some more money to spend and more work to do. That said, since we're late on the site, we decided at the moment to not use the new name and not incorporate ourselves at the moment. The work can wait. Anyway, the project is best known as Avalanche and since everything we have so far is under my own IP, we'll stick to "selling a book" and I will get money as an author. Simpler at the moment. We've got enough on our hands.
- I went, last week, for the company I work for, to a series of conferences, in Québec city. It was about intranet/extranet/web 2.0. They claimed to be the "elites" of the province concerning the subject. Don't get me wrong : this was interesting, but they mostly talked about the past and current situation. Not much about the future. Since we have seen our lawyer, we definitely came to dealing with some problems that don't seem to concern those guys. But I guess it will in a couple of years. It seems we are ahead of our time on this project.
- I'm building up the "alpha" version of Avalanche : no layout and no informative pages. That looks amazing !!! I wasn't supposed to get a printed copy of it, but it seems I changed my mind. Just waiting for the third map to be done.
- May, already. I need to start to writing and fast. Otherwise we will be late on schedule and I'll have no one else to blame but me. I'll keep you posted on this part very soon.

That's about it for this week.



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