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BIG change of plan

Okay, where to start ?
Last week I went to see some firm to know more about subventions, credit refund and capital ventures. I now do know how those stuff work; and I know it is not for us at the moment ...

For those of you following this project, you might have notice that we always speak about the website and the service it should provide. It turned out that we always had bad luck with developers. But, more than ever now, we need a website.

The first plan was to release the "alpha" version of the pdf as to get some money to finance the website. But still, how about a good, reliable developer ?

So, last week, I decided that I would do the website myself. It's been seven years since I last wrote some code, but why not give it try ? So, I've been working like hell on it, and it turns out I can do it. Most of the essential functions are done, but there is still much to do.

Anyway, we think the website will be up and ready for september. Thus, we postpone the release of the pdf version as to have a "common" launch.

That's about it for the moment. I have a lot of work to do.



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