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BW, playtesting, demo and philosophy

Strange things happen. I was supposed to post an actual play review (AP) I have already written at the forge. But then, it turned out into something else ; which requires my attention and changes how I had plan to deal with this play test.

Okay, the play test, first :
- We were going to play test Burning Wheel, by Luke Crane, in the context of Avalanche
- While at it, we decided to introduce rpg to Julie (and Denys), who's going to give us a hand with marketing and promotion
- We were supposed to play a single session
- There was a BIG mess concerning character creation in the context of introducing new players
- We turned out to play three sessions
- I was evinced as a DM from the game
- I reported those three sessions at the forge and then "JoyWriter" came in and ask some philosophical questions
- We also talked about the use of "short sessions", or "introduction product"
- Francis has much to say about the game

So, well, the thread at the forge is a real mess. Too much stuff there ; I need to segment it.
That brings me to :
- Maybe tell you a bit more about how we plan to use the blog (and we have used it so far) ; the reason for which I need to separate stuff down.
- Get an overall strategy for BW. This system, used in the context of Avalanche, won't be settled in a single play testing.
- Prepare something like a review, once the play test is over ; and see where it fits best.
- Finish to present the webcomic "from the deep", as I need it to explain the crescendo of Avalanche, but also to have a complete product for a demo.
- Present our strategy for the "beta" testers and define our strategy for the alpha ones.
- Write something down about philosophy and Avalanche.

well, seems like those are the stuff this is coming.


Version abrégée. Je devais faire un compte rendu de partie tout simple. Et bien non, cette partie va nous générer pas mal de travail et d'explications. Un programme à mettre en oeuvre par le biais de ce blog.



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Here we go ... again !!!

Almost two years ... since any activity on this blog. But, our project, Cycles-rpg didn't stop ; it just slowed down. Anyway, here we go again, for the last time I hope.

I say "we" since I am in the incorporation process for a small company with four other persons. So, I'm not alone anymore !!! That said, they should not allow me to make all the calls by myself anymore. Big changes for me.

So, what are we going to talk about here, on the basis of one article per week ?
- Incorporation process, including IP management, licensing, branding ; stuff like that. Of course, at this point we're talking to our lawyer and some stuff need to stay secret, but we wish to keep you posted on this. And strange as it sounds, those subjects are very interesting.
- People who will work with me. We're five. This is our blog from now on.
- Greg Taylor, our new artist. Be prepared for a hell of a ride.
- A new teaser we're preparing ; new extracts.
- Actual play reports, with different systems.
- About the site.
- Some theory since we haven't finished to present you how to use Avalanche.
- Some planning about our releases ...

Well, see you each week from now on ... again. Let's hope this is the right one !!!
Wish us luck.


Deux ans ou presque déjà ... que ce blog est inactif. Pourtant, notre projet, Cycles-rpg ne s'est pas arrêté pour autant. Il n'a été qu'au ralenti. Enfin bref, nous nous y remettons ; pour une dernière fois je l'espère.

Je dis "nous" parce que nous sommes présentement en processus d'incorporation. Enfin je ne serai plus seul !!!! Quoique, cela veut dire que je ne prendrai plus les décisions seul non plus.

Alors, de quoi allons-nous vous parler, sur la base d'un article par semaine ?
- Du processus d'incorporation, qui comprend la gestion des droits intellectuels, le dépôt d'une marque ; ce genre de choses. Naturellement, à ce point, il y a encore beaucoup d'inconnus pour nous et certaines choses doivent demeurer confidentielles pour le moment. Mais je peux vous assurer que le sujet est passionant.
- Des gens qui m'entourent maintenant. Nous serons cinq. Ceci sera déronavant notre blog à tous.
- De Greg Taylor, nouvel illustrateur qui se joint à nous. Attendez-vous à en avoir plein la vue !!!
- Un nouveau teaser en préparation ; des nouveaux extraits.
- Des comptes-rendus de partie, avec différents systèmes.
- Des nouvelles du site.
- Un peu de théorie, car nous n'avons pas fini d'expliquer comment utiliser Avalanche.
- Pourquoi pas la planification du projet ...

Alors, rendez-vous à toutes les semaines, à partir de maintenant à nouveau. En souhaitant que cette fois-ci est la bonne !!!
Souhaitez-nous bonne chance.



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