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Maps, again and again ...

Shit ... I missed an update !!! Too much work on the site ...

Okay, this is going to be a cheap one; sorry for that.

Here's the three maps for the lands of exile, enjoy :

And we're also redoing the maps of the city :

Those maps are really great addition to the product !!!



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Maps, again

Robert delivered us the first map.
Here it is : Lands of Exile, new map

You might notice that this is the same map I've already designed, just done with a lot of talent.

Also, note that this is a pure geographic map. Our contract with Robert covers three maps.
We have drafted the second one, and its purpose is completely different. The second map will be geo strategic : who controls what part of the world and where are there some troops, or say some forces, that do not control any "ground".
Different layout, different purposes : that is what we are looking for.

Last thing concerning maps : we see them thru a "spectrum". At one end, there is pure geographic, at the other end there is a pure rmap. Everything else goes in between.

So, this is it for this week.



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We've been working on maps, as I said before. I say "we", but it is in fact Francis.

So, let's take a look at what we have so far, but first, please, keep this in mind ; in relation with my previous post about goodies.

Every single piece of "work" we make has a value and is considered a "single component" that can or not, be integrated into the final product. So, we are not, in fact, searching for the "perfect map" as if Avalanche would contain a single map.
In fact, we see each map as having a purpose ; for instance :
- The DM should need one when he discovers Avalanche, reads it for the first time.
- Another one when "using" the product for play (preparation, quick access during play).
- One to be shown to the players in the character creation process.
- Also, when the players would come across maps of the region during play, we believe there should exist various maps : found in a library, in a mage's tower, in an ancient city, in the north. Offering various maps seems logical.

Also, remember that Avalanche is an unfinished product and is sold as is. So, we believe that providing the creative process has values. Don't forget that we want people to be able to "add" components of their own to Avalanche. Showing only the final pieces wouldn't seem like the choice to encourage this.

Okay, now the maps (they all represent the lands of exile) :
1. A couple of years ago, I bought campaign cartographer 2 and decided I needed to draw some maps for Avalanche. This is the map currently on the website. Here it is the CC2 version. Yeah, I know, this map is awful !!! But, it was still useful to produce it. And I won't even tell you the time it took me to did this !!!
2. Two years ago, or so, CC3 came out. I bought it and decided to give the map another chance ; what the hell, why not ? So, here's the CC3 version. Certainly a better version, more useful ; but still, this sucks !!!
3. Here Francis comes in. He does those illustrations by hand ; and yes, he is using my "ugly" maps as reference and find them useful !!! So, here's the first version.
4. Here's the second version.

We're quite happy with them, but now we (yes, Francis again) are working on a new set, using different "tools" to do them.

You may ask me what would be a really great map ? Look at what this guy is doing !!! Quite impressive !!! But then again, even we could attain this quality, we would use the other maps anyway.



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