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Cycles-rpg moves to ExiStanc3

Cycles-rpg has now a new branding and has moved to a new home.
Our adventure continues, but not on this site anymore.

Our website : ExiStanc3
Our facebook page :
Our twitter feed :

See you there and wish us good luck !!!
Cycles-rpg a maintenant un nouveau nom et une nouvelle demeure.
Notre aventure continue, mais plus sur ce site.

Notre site web : ExiStanc3
Notre page facebook :
Notre compte twitter :

Au plaisir de vous y retrouver et souhaitez-nous bonne chance !!!



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BIG change of plan

Okay, where to start ?
Last week I went to see some firm to know more about subventions, credit refund and capital ventures. I now do know how those stuff work; and I know it is not for us at the moment ...

For those of you following this project, you might have notice that we always speak about the website and the service it should provide. It turned out that we always had bad luck with developers. But, more than ever now, we need a website.

The first plan was to release the "alpha" version of the pdf as to get some money to finance the website. But still, how about a good, reliable developer ?

So, last week, I decided that I would do the website myself. It's been seven years since I last wrote some code, but why not give it try ? So, I've been working like hell on it, and it turns out I can do it. Most of the essential functions are done, but there is still much to do.

Anyway, we think the website will be up and ready for september. Thus, we postpone the release of the pdf version as to have a "common" launch.

That's about it for the moment. I have a lot of work to do.



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Writing and ... printing.

I started writing everyday. I don't really have a choice : the informative pages need to be done by July. Well, anyway, it's fun to be writing again. And, although it is not part of the story of Avalanche, it is very challenging to write about it. So, I was supposed to present some of the stuff I wrote this week, but hey, this will have to wait. Why ?

Because I'd like to discuss the printing of the ashcan I made. I wasn't supposed to print that file, and yet, I did it, as it looked so nice !!! Having it in one's hand is quite different from a pdf. The "book" is not perfect, but, in my opinion it just looks amazing. Looking at it this weekend, we though that maybe, just maybe, we could make some adjustments and try to sell it on the local scene. And by the way, I'd like to address something : this copy costs me around 80 bucks. If I make three copies, each copies would be at 60. For twenty five copies, it goes down to 40. How about fifty copies ?

So, what's my point ? Thru a POD, which we would like to use, each copy cost around a hundred bucks. The book is not cheap for sure. But doing batches is far cheaper. Well, of course, we would need to "handle" each order, which is clearly time consuming and not fun, but we should give this some thoughts ...

Also, on the local scene, we would like to present this as a "collectable" item ; maybe signing and numerating each copy. Anyway, wish me good luck and I'll talk to you about it in the upcoming weeks.

Otherwise, if you have some spare time, I might recommend watching this great TED talk. Very inspiring and comforting for us. Can you tell our why ?

Lastly, we've got the system, well, at least the pattern. I should post it soon enough on the Forge for discussion. There is still a lot of work to do, especially naming everything (skills, secrets), but the toughest part is done.



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Incorporation ?

A couple of things :
- You might know we had to find a new name and we will have to deposit a trademark on it and incorporate ourselves into a company. Well, that's some more money to spend and more work to do. That said, since we're late on the site, we decided at the moment to not use the new name and not incorporate ourselves at the moment. The work can wait. Anyway, the project is best known as Avalanche and since everything we have so far is under my own IP, we'll stick to "selling a book" and I will get money as an author. Simpler at the moment. We've got enough on our hands.
- I went, last week, for the company I work for, to a series of conferences, in Québec city. It was about intranet/extranet/web 2.0. They claimed to be the "elites" of the province concerning the subject. Don't get me wrong : this was interesting, but they mostly talked about the past and current situation. Not much about the future. Since we have seen our lawyer, we definitely came to dealing with some problems that don't seem to concern those guys. But I guess it will in a couple of years. It seems we are ahead of our time on this project.
- I'm building up the "alpha" version of Avalanche : no layout and no informative pages. That looks amazing !!! I wasn't supposed to get a printed copy of it, but it seems I changed my mind. Just waiting for the third map to be done.
- May, already. I need to start to writing and fast. Otherwise we will be late on schedule and I'll have no one else to blame but me. I'll keep you posted on this part very soon.

That's about it for this week.



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Kind of sad ...

I've received last week the last batch of illustrations from Greg Taylor ; some sixty illustrations.

We now have all the essence completed and the all the existence for the month of march. April and May are partly illustrated, some hundred illustrations missing. We're reached our goal for beta and I won't be buying out illustrations "from my pocket" anymore ; we shall pay the last missing illustrations from the revenue of the beta.

I've been buying art for the last six years, form different illustrators. This is really one of the best part of this project : finding the illustrator, contacting him/her, making the contract, introducing him/her to the project, identifying the part to illustrate, making the "extract" for the contract (but I won't miss this part !!!), reviewing the drafts and receiving the illustrations.

That's really fun. Who would have known ? Well, anyway, if we don't sell Avalanche, that's the last art I would buy ... So, I feel kind of sad ...

But, hey, let's try to be positive : this might only the beginning to buying new art !!!

And lastly, I've received the second map and the third map is on the way. Those are very, very nice !!!


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